Becoming a Client

What’s Unique About My Approach?

My goal is to help you get clear and focused NOT JUST on the steps you can take to intentionally tackle this challenge to survive BUT ALSO how you can embrace this diagnosis as an opportunity for self-growth and transformation.

Let me take a step back and explain what I mean by “conquering cancer”. When we are faced with this disease, no matter which approach we take, we never have a 100% guarantee that we will fully heal and live a long life. But we can give it our best shot IF we tackle this challenge from various angles and pro-actively restructure our lives, long term. For those of us where the physical disease has progressed too far, mentally, emotionally and spiritually we can still conquer cancer!

Kirstin developed a comprehensive plan to help stop my stage 4 lymphoma-induced weight loss, improve my energy level, and further boost my immune system. I find her approach very positive, individualistic, empathetic and caring.

What Results Can You Expect?

I am living proof that I can live a vibrant and fulfilling life every single day, even with a two times breast cancer diagnosis, a scarred and breast-implanted, chemo-infused and radiated body. That did not prevent me from transcending this challenge and transforming my life on all levels using an ever expanding toolbox full of options to help me cope long term.

My Goal for you is to support you in any way I can, using evidence-based information I have access to through my continuing education, constant research, ongoing global networking with high caliber mentors including integrative MDs and naturopathic doctors specializing in the field of integrative oncology, integrative pharmacists, energy healers and functional nutritionists.

Besides my professional training I have a strong self-driven desire and passion to find the optimal solution to support my own healing path using the very same 5 Steps to Consciously Conquer Cancer Now ™ process I have devised as the foundation of my mentoring program.

I will develop an individualized mentoring plan tailored to your specific needs to enable you to achieve the same.

What My Approach is Not!

My mentoring approach is meant to COMPLEMENT any conventional cancer treatments, not replace them! I do not treat cancer! I offer you guided support how you can enhance your internal and external environment to optimally support and strengthen your own body so you cope better both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Cancer is a complex disease and we need a multi-faceted approach to address it from all possible angles.

Extreme care is taken when you are in active treatment not to interfere but rather enhance the effectiveness of any treatments. Any reports and recommendations can be shared with your medical oncology team. In fact, I welcome any interaction with them, if they are open to it. Conquering cancer requires a team effort, and you, as the main player, are entitled to decide whom to have on your team.

If you are wishing to avoid becoming a cancer statistic in the first place, the same multi-layered strategies can help you create an optimal environment in which cancer cannot get a foothold.

If you are committed to putting in the required effort and time to adjust your nutritional and lifestyle habits, you will see results!

Let’s Get Started!

Feel free to book a free assessment session with me where we’ll talk about where you are in your cancer journey, learn a little bit more about each other and decide whether we are a good fit to work together.

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