Beyond Cancer

Reclaiming Your Life

Beyond Cancer – Reclaiming Your Life

  • Are you feeling relieved that you finally made it and impatient to get your old strength back again?
  • Yet feel vulnerable at being “on your own” and anxious to know what you can do differently now to prevent a recurrence?
  • Is everyone around you expecting you to be your Old Self again, yet you cannot identify with that person anymore and feel a bit confused and overwhelmed by this change?

This is easily your most vulnerable time: physically you are at your weakest point as the accumulated effects of the treatments have taken their toll. Emotionally you feel lonely and somewhat disassociated from everyone who has not been through the same as you. Mentally you are trying to figure out how to gather up the courage to tell your friends, family or co-workers that life will be different from now on, and you still need to figure this all out. Finding your New Normal isn’t as easy as what you had anticipated over the last few months.


Knowing precisely what you can do to physically get back on your feet, recover from the side effects faster and feeling stronger and more vibrant again

Using this phase as your opportunity to reinvent yourself, emerging confidently as the New You

Feeling re-assured that you are tackling the “other” layers that will help you heal your cancer

The RECLAIMING YOUR LIFE PROGRAM will give you immediate access to a variety of self-help tools to assist you to confidently cross the threshold from cancer patient to thriving survivor

About the Program

The “Reclaiming Your Life Program” is geared to put you firmly back into the driving seat by picking you up where you are left standing once you leave the conventional treatment room behind.

It will show you how you can support yourself with a holistic approach that helps you recover from lingering side effects, build a strong and resilient immune system once more and learn to live with the cancer shadow without letting it overwhelm and unhinge you.

This is a 5 session mentoring program where we will devise a protocol that takes the 5 Steps to Consciously Conquer Cancer Now™ principles into consideration as they apply to this stage in your journey to full recovery.

We will focus on these main areas as they relate to your individual situation:

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    Digestive System Repair

    Treatments often cause injuries to your gastro-intestinal tract that prevent proper nutrient absorption at a time when your body needs to be nourished the most. This is often not addressed by conventional oncology, and you may be wondering why your recovery is so slow despite you making good meal choices. This includes an easy to administer GI repair protocol to ultimately enhance nutrient absorption.

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    Nutritional Options

    You need to gain your strength back and help your from the toxicity left behind by treatments. This requires an intake of targeted nutrients. You will get meal plans, lots of delicious recipes & many practical tips, always taking your budget and preferences into account.

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    Supplement Support Guide

    Supplement Support Guide to help strengthen your immune system and counteract lingering inflammation caused by your treatments. Micronutrient testing to highlight any nutritional deficiencies is a highly recommended optional Lab blood test covered by most health insurances.

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    Detoxification and Cleansing

    Detoxification and cleansing to help your body get rid of the accumulated toxic residue left behind by treatments. I teach you a gentle, long-term approach tailored to your personal circumstances.

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    Motivational and Mindfulness Strategies

    Motivational and Mindfulness Strategies to keep you on track and help you navigate your way through the overwhelm often associated with this period in your life.

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    Lifestyle Modifications

    Lifestyle Modifications to help you optimize your personal environment and your exposure to toxic ingredients.

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    Emotional Healing

    Emotional Healing is often the most challenging aspect of your cancer recovery journey, but no less significant than dealing with the actual tumor. You will be introduced to emotional healing techniques to enable you to connect with a modality that you feel most comfortable with.


  • 5 personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions with me (via phone, skype or in-person if you are local to Central NJ, USA)
  • The 5 Steps to Consciously Conquer Cancer Now™ – an innovative holistic approach to addressing all aspects of cancer recovery
  • Personalized Protocol, Educational Material, tools and resources to help you devise your own supportive healing plan
  • Access to subliminal CD “Healing Cancer” (delivered as mp3 download)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Access to the next stage in your cancer recovery program at a reduced client rate


  • You have a step-by-step protocol to follow with guided support when you need it the most to fill the void left behind after completion of treatments when you are released from conventional care
  • You are in charge and able to contribute to a positive outcome with the right choices, having obtained a clear & concise game plan to an optimal way of regaining your health
  • You feel better! You have more energy & vitality to tackle all the things you had to sideline and neglect during treatments. You are able to re-connect with your life’s purpose.

Relieved but nervous at moving beyond cancer on your own?

  • Book a complimentary Assessment Session with me
  • On the call (phone or Skype) we’ll talk about where you are in your cancer journey,
    learn a little bit more about each other and decide whether we are a good fit to work together
  • If we decide to go ahead we will talk about which program best fits your needs and discuss the next steps involved

FREE Chapter & Video
from my book, Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror

FREE Chapter & Video
from my book, Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror

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