Breast Cancer Awareness Opt-in


Your key to unlocking your body’s innate
potential to repair, rebalance and heal itself

Each October breast cancer awareness is elevated to new pink heights as the movement to fight this disease receives center stage for yet another four week period.

If you are feeling a little disillusioned by this global pink wave, and are wondering if it isn’t somewhat missing the boat, I agree!

So as not to be misunderstood, I am all for creating awareness! It is an essential theme in my Consciously Conquering Cancer method. By becoming aware we become more in tune with ourselves, and begin to listen up.

I prefer, however, to adopt a wide-eyed, ever-expanding perspective rather than limit myself to a narrow, singular-minded focus.

But I did not start here. I had much to learn…

If I had known what I know now BEFORE I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39, and again at age 42, I would have been a whole lot wiser of the many underlying, and often interrelated causes that can all team up and allow cancer to develop in the first place.

I would have also been a lot more appreciative of all the tools available to me to tweak my body’s internal, as well as external, terrain, and make it as unwelcoming to cancer growth as possible.

Wouldn’t you also rather be pro-active and steer your own path?

Current statistics show that in the US one in every three women will possibly be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime! This is a staggering figure! Next time you are in a public place, look around you, every 3rd woman you see could be tagged!

Encouraging you to use early detection diagnostic tools for a disease that is now so rampant among us women in our western world does not necessarily empower you to become proactive and possibly avoid being one of the third.

You need to know what lies within your scope of action that could possibly have an impact on your health, and perhaps PREVENT a diagnosis in the first place.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Prevention is taking a close-up look at one’s body, one’s dietary habits, lifestyle choices and environmental factors.

Then we empower ourselves with evidence-based education and use that to take preventive action to enhance our body’s innate ability to repair and heal itself. Because our bodies are ultimately wise, and want to heal and be well. With a little help from their host…us!

The following Guide to 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Steps is an ideal starting point if you are wondering what you can actually do right now to honor your body’s innate capability to self-regulate, and help strengthen it from within.

I know you may be confused by often conflicting advice on the Internet, in support groups and on social media, I surely was! Or you may be ready to implement a proactive prevention plan, but are unsure of where to begin. Perhaps you just need a little nudge, a list you can follow.

I designed this Guide to give you easy to implement action steps that have a lasting impact on your health.

This Guide is for you whether you are

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    proactive, and taking the initiative to avoid facing a breast cancer diagnosis all together
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    a proud survivor wishing to make sure you stay thriving beyond cancer