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Being diagnosed with cancer can easily be considered the biggest challenge of your life. This little word evokes the deepest fears and can unhinge even the most grounded among us. In her book, Kirstin Nussgruber, Cancer Mentor and Certified Nutritional Consultant, offers a unique view to approaching cancer from an evidence-based, holistic viewpoint, challenging the reader to embrace rather than reject this diagnosis as the biggest opportunity to transform their life.

Her 5 Step Process offers anyone dealing with cancer practical, do-able and proven solutions to address the root causes of cancer and emerge with a game plan to reclaim their life, no matter where they are at on their cancer journey. Kirstin invites the reader into her own life as she relates her own journey healing from breast cancer twice and offers a heartfelt and authentic glimpse at what it was like to fumble around before she zoned in on what she now calls her 5 Step Process.

This is more than just a book. It is a Self-Help Tool that you can apply in your life right away to help you navigate your cancer journey with confidence, research-based knowledge and the reassurance that you are following a multi-targeted healing approach.

Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror is a tour de force of healing modalities in complementary cancer care. Kirstin, a two-time cancer survivor, has walked the walk and offers her education, insights, and experiences to help others find their own path to health. She explores the complex web of science, energy and thought as they relate to our individual well being, and offers readers both a personal and professional perspective on the journey to health and healing.
Pat WetzelFounder and Member of The Anti-Cancer Club

You will learn about:

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    Eating smart, not just right

    • The most important foods to include, limit and avoid to truly nourish your body and give it a fighting chance to ward off cancer growth
    • Demystifying the different anti-cancer diets and why not all of them may be the right one for you
    • Why totally eliminating all sugar may not necessarily be to your advantage
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    Reducing the toxic burden in our food supply and in our home environment

    • Why size and quantity does matter and not everybody reacts in the same way to toxic exposure
    • The top food additives and cosmetic ingredients to avoid and why
    • How to stay sane and make smart choices in today’s modern world
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    • Why the common guilt-trip and blame-game can actually fuel your cancer
    • Why the mind deserves equal attention than your physical cancer tumor
    • Practical steps to tame your mind and turn it into a cancer healing tool
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    • Why neglecting and ignoring your emotions can be a prime reason for recurrence
    • What options you can explore to help you connect with yourself
    • My most favorite tools that help me get to the root cause of an emotional blockage
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    • Why not moving is simply not an option if we wish to heal from cancer
    • How exercise can stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism
    • Practical exercise tips you can include without having to join a gym

PLUS the most important self-healing strategy to ensure you live a meaningful and joyous life post- or even with-cancer.

Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror helpful features include:

  • Kirstin’s own challenges and triumphs narrated in an open, honest and authentic way
  • Stories from clients who have implemented and benefited from the 5 Step Process
  • Access to practical resources to get you started immediately
Every one of us has been touched by cancer—either as a personal diagnosis and journey of body and soul, or as a diagnosis of a close relation–possibly a family member, a dear friend, a co-worker, a teacher—to be alive in the 21st Century is to know cancer in some way. It is in such an experience we can find ourselves feeling a range of emotions—shock, anger, fear, numbness, sadness. Kirstin’s generous and loving insight and support is the very essence of clarity in this often murky ordeal. With care, she holds our hand as we look at our lifestyle choices and how simple changes can have a profound impact on our wellness, helping us to move from the reactions of shock and fear to a creative expression of hope and empowerment. This is a gift of love that allows us to put into play actionable, simple and powerful steps in the wake of a cancer diagnosis.
Sarica CernohousL.Ac., MSTOM, BSBAbestselling author of “The Funky Kitchen! The Missing Link in Your Nutrition and Wellness”


Bonus #1

Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror Video Guidebook
A Video Guidebook where Kirstin outlines the most important chapters of Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror

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Kirstin’s perspective on our relationship to cancer is refreshing. Using cancer as a vehicle for transformation is exactly how it should be viewed. This is the healthiest way of dealing with cancer. As a physician, I see the emotions of cancer regularly and find that those people who are most successful in their cancer journeys are the ones that transform their minds while they are treating their bodies. Working with Kirstin is a gift.
Evan HirschMD, ABOIMbestselling author of “Fix Your Fatigue: The Four Step Process to Resolving Chronic Fatigue, Achieving Abundant Energy and Reclaiming Your Life!”

About the Author, Kirstin Nussgruber

Kirstin is an empathetic cancer mentor, speaker and educator who is passionate about enabling anyone associated with cancer to pro-actively and holistically navigate their health challenge.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer twice within 3 years, she learnt first hand the importance of an integrative and functional medicine approach to one’s health, acknowledging the dynamic interdependency of body, mind and soul to facilitate true healing.

Kirstin is the founder of Eat Holistic LLC and offers individualized 1 on 1 mentoring, can be hired for inspirational speaking engagements and produces interactive virtual programs such as the Beyond Cancer Program™.

She is a co-host for the #AllThingsCancer podcast, a monthly guest-blogger for The Anti-Cancer Club, has featured frequently in a variety of holistic Internet Radio Shows and online Podcasts and was a monthly contributing author for the online Sybil Magazine – For the Spirit and Soul of Woman.

Born in Switzerland, raised in Germany and South Africa, she now lives in NJ with her husband, adult son, teenage daughter and spunky Wirehaired pointer pup Max.

As a naturopathic oncologist, I love the way Kirstin breaks down the fads and trends of cancer diets into something easy and applicable to everyone! She has such gift for seeing what needs to be talked about, and providing the tools to make the changes that could actually help prevent cancer. I can’t wait to have my patients read this book.
Dr. Heather PaulsonND, FABNOOwner of The Paulson Center for Integrative Healing and author of the soon to be released “Textbook of Naturopathic Oncology”