Conquer Cancer in Your Kitchen 1st Video

Conquer Cancer in Your Kitchen 3-Part Video Guide

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Video #1: What to Eat? Review of trending Anti-Cancer Diets

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Video #2: The Secret Ingredient! Planning your Weekly Meals

Available February 18th

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Video #3: 12 Essential Tools in your Anti-Cancer Kitchen

Available February 21st

Video #1: What to Eat? Review of trending Anti-Cancer Diets

It does not really matter whether you have already been directly touched by cancer yourself, or are wanting to live a preventive lifestyle.

When it comes to eating to beat or stay cancer-free, it is a strategy worth hearing about, as diet plays such a vital role in creating an internal environment that can prevent cancer growth, and strengthen our body from within, giving it the tools it needs to engage a vibrant immune system capable of doing its job.

Yet, the information you find online, and from various experts, about the best anti-cancer diets can make any mind boggle.

  • Eat a mainly plant-based diet (meaning limit or avoid animal protein).
  • Paleo is best (but Paleo, as does the Ketogenic diet, includes animal protein, and even daily!)
  • Ketogenic is the way to go…uhm, what is that in the first place?
  • The Raw diet has saved many lives, you may hear…
  • Many alternative cancer treatment clinics offer the macrobiotic diet. Yet another option.
  • Fasting and Juicing will help kill cancer cells. But doesn’t this spike blood sugar levels, and that is what can feed cancer cells?

So many choices. So many contradictions. So many experts, and each one as believable and as passionate as the next.

I’ll be reviewing each of them, including a look at the Ancestral or Traditional Foods diet.

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