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I know you want to move beyond the endless googling for the right answers, reduce the insecurity, anxiety, and doubt, tame your fear and find some peace in knowing you have an optimal plan to proactively complement your cancer treatments, prevent recurrence or avoid an initial diagnosis.

Sometimes, it’s all about just being courageous enough to take the first steps, even if the entire path is still shrouded in fog and we have no idea where it will lead us.

If you knew that first step was solid and the action safe to take, would you do it?

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Over the years I have observed three types of cancer patients.

Those who have found their path.

Those who are still searching with numerous dead ends to show for.

And those who never even started looking.

You would not be here if you had already found your path and were confidently embracing life despite cancer.

You would also not be here if you were still unaware that there is a path you need to find to move beyond cancer.

You are here because you are still searching, hoping to find some traction from which to catapult yourself into a space where you can embrace life again despite cancer.

If you envision yourself as part of the group that confidently moves through treatments, gets a grip on living a meaningful life with or post-cancer and feels assured that they are doing what they can to stay cancer free, then welcome!

This smart group is figuring out what changes they have to make to their diet and lifestyle to create an environment that is unwelcoming to cancer, and then embrace the path that unfolds in front of them.

I am here to help you gain momentum and set you on a trajectory to get you there.

Introducing First Steps to take Control of Your Cancer Care

A program that will allow you to take the first steps, whether in conjunction with treatments or on your own, to help you learn how to

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    Leverage your diet to feed your body real nutrients that don’t fuel cancer growth

  • null

    Maximize nutrient absorption & reduce inflammatory markers to silence cancer-promoting genes

  • null

    Strengthen your immune system so it can find, isolate and eliminate potential cancer cells

  • null

    Engage your mind to positively manage your stress response

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    Use Emotional Self Care techniques so you can reconnect with yourself to harness a healing response

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    Select from the many options to make living an anti-cancer way of life fulfilling, fun and sustainable

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    Implement an action plan to help solidify your path

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When I was diagnosed with my first breast cancer I spent many hours sifting through evidence-based research as well as trendy hype trying to map out a plan that would answer all the nagging questions I had. I was forced to revisit that road map and find new connecting paths when I was diagnosed a second time three years later. It is exhausting and seems never-ending trying to make sense of it all when you are struggling with the physical as well as emotional effects of cancer treatments at the same time.

I would have done anything at the time to have access to a Done-For-Me Guide to get me started on the right track.

And that is why I am driven and committed to making it easier for you by offering you this program.

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Why First Steps to Take Control of Your Cancer Care program?

Because I want to personally guide you through the first steps you can take to eat right, think constructively, stress better, and feel less vunerable despite cancer. As a two-times cancer survivor myself I learnt first hand the importance of taking these first steps in healing myself from cancer.

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Module #1

Gaining Perspective

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    Learn to distinguish between the different stages and individual challenges in the cancer journey
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    Learn the tools to effectively navigate and master each stage
  • null
    Learn which choices you have access to so you can decide which treatment path is the best fit for you
  • null
    Learn more about my story – my personal challenges, choices I faced and decisions I made that put me on my healing path

Module #2

What Makes Cancer Tick?

  • null
    Learn what all cancers have in common irrespective of their diagnosis of origin and why this is exactly the opportunity for you to become proactive in your health journey
  • null
    Learn why cancer can get a foothold in the first place and why knowing this is vitally important so you can influence each phase on your healing journey
  • null
    Learn what exactly defines cancer survival and how you can tap into these mechanisms that extend way beyond a conventional approach

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Module #3

First Steps to Eating a Conquering Cancer Diet
What you CAN eat and what you should avoid, and why…

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    Learn about smart choices – no need to follow a trendy diet
  • null
    Learn how foods foster an anti-cancer environment in your body
  • null
    Learn which foods fuel cancer growth
  • null
    Learn which foods make you toxic and weaken your defenses
  • null
    Learn which foods can silence cancer-causing genes & awaken cancer-fighting genes

Module #4

First Steps to a Transformative Frame of Mind
How you CAN use your mind to positively influence your health path

  • null
    Learn how to redirect self-sabotaging behavior so you can be motivated to make progress and become your own most loyal supporter
  • null
    Learn a simple technique to move from feeling like a helpless, vulnerable and exposed victim to being pro-active and in charge of your health and life path again
  • null
    Learn a tried and trusted strategy to help you manage and recode your stress response so you can more easily cope with the inevitable and ongoing stress that comes with cancer
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Module #5

First Steps to Emotional Self-Care
How to begin healing inner wounds by reconnecting with yourself

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    Learn a mindfulness tool that will help to calm and ground you again, allowing you to hop off the ever-turning DOING hamster wheel and enable you to BE PRESENT to regain a perspective on your life (and this is not about meditating in the traditional way…)
  • null
    Learn the ONE essential thing I have seen my clients do, myself included, to enable us to heal from within, regardless at which cancer stage we may be at


First Steps Tools + 21 Day Implementation Guide
Worksheets and cheatsheets you can re-use
I want you to become self-sufficient and walk away from this course with a sustaining Action Plan. This practical guide will help you implement what you have learnt, and enable you to re-use this strategy time and time again


All this for only $497!

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Join First Steps by June 8th and you’ll also…

  • Receive an empowering subliminal recording “Healing from Cancer” (*)
  • Plus my downloadable guide: Staples in my Conquering Cancer Kitchen with 5 easy dinner meal recipes
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A subliminal message is something we do not audibly hear with our conscious minds, it is a message that our subconscious minds can hear. There it has the same effect that the “silent” self talk has that we engage in every single day, our minds can listen and hear this even if our conscious awareness does not “hear” it. During a recording, a low volume audio cue [the softly spoken lyrics] is inserted into an audio source, which in this case is gentle, soothing instrumental music. You, or rather your conscious mind, cannot hear the actual lyrics, but the whole point is that your subconscious can hear them, converting them into a powerfully healing message.

In Healing from Cancer, the above lyrics were softly spoken, over and over again in a continuous loop, by both myself and one of my mentors, Robert (Bob) Burns, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki Master Practitioner, Linguistic Architect and Author. Bob has been in the field of subliminal technology for well over 20 years and his audio programs have helped many heal from various ailments. He hosts two weekly radio shows and teaches self-empowering workshops nationwide.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by going through the First Steps Program

Clear guidelines what a conquering cancer way of eating is all about without having to follow a specific anti-cancer diet
What to shop for at grocery stores, farmer’s markets, local CSA farms and online to truly feed your body in an anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting way
Which foods to stay away from and why (Hint…they contribute to an environment that encourages cancer growth and other chronic imbalances)
Which processed foods are OK to eat in moderation (we can’t avoid all of them)
How to avoid contaminated food sources and select clean alternatives (meats, poultry, fish and dairy) that carry a low or no toxic burden
How to stock up on cancer-fighting spices
A simple tool you can use daily to test whether your internal environment is conducive to or protect against possible cancer growth, and how you can correct an imbalance
What is most likely preventing you from following through with pro-active lifestyle changes and how to turn this around
Your Go-To strategy to hold yourself accountable and motivate you to stay on track
How to better handle stress with my tried and trusted Stress Awareness & Reprogramming Exercise
Your personal tool to master a mindfulness practice that fits your needs
The most important step to begin with to jumpstart a self-care routine to help heal emotional wounds
What 2 experts think are your best options to sustain a daily meditative practice and create a clean kitchen pantry

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[vc_toggle title=”How long do I have access to the program?” style=”round” size=”lg”]You will have lifetime access to my First Steps Program. You will also receive any program updates free of charge.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”How much time will the program take?” style=”round” size=”lg”]That depends entirely on you. I designed the program with a busy schedule and only little available time for dedicated education in mind. The program is offered in short, do-able segments, each one no longer than 20 minutes, some a lot shorter than that. This gives you the most flexibility to fit the program in whenever you have some time.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”Can I do the program while undergoing conventional cancer treatments?” style=”round” size=”lg”]Yes absolutely! None of what you will be learning will interfere with any type of conventional treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, antibody therapy or immunotherapy. In fact, you may see positive changes in that you can cope better with the effects of these treatments, may recover sooner and have a head-start once your treatments are over and you are left by your conventional cancer center to figure out on your own how to live a life beyond cancer.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”Can I apply what I learn at home with my family?” style=”round” size=”lg”]Yes you can! The nutritional and lifestyle recommendations can be effective with everyone, not just yourself. In fact I encourage you to share what you have learnt with members of your immediate family so they are on board too and can support you in the best way possible.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”I am a caregiver to someone who has cancer. Is this program for me?” style=”round” size=”lg”]Yes! As caregivers we offer support in many ways. Whether you wish to cook nourishing meals or offer mental and emotional support, you can learn valuable tools and strategies you can apply to offer more effective and targeted care. You can even apply the steps you will be learning to your own chronic disease prevention care.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”Cancer runs in my immediate family. I want to prevent being diagnosed myself. Is this program for me?” style=”round” size=”lg”]Yes! Our main goal in a disease prevention strategy is to ensure that our own body’s defense systems can do their job. This includes feeding yourself with nutrient-dense, clean and nourishing meals that support an anti-inflammatory environment in which cancer cannot get a foothold in the first place. Targeted nutrition, mindfulness techniques, stress management and emotional self care play a vital role in supporting your body.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”I have a lot going on in my life right now. Can I get the program later? ” style=”round” size=”lg”]You, but please understand though that the bonuses will not be available later as I have to honor those who committed right away. I hope you can respect that too.

You can always get the program (and all the bonuses) now and start it at a time when you have more peace and quiet. Remember, as you move through your health journey, every support offered along the way is a helping hand to make it easier for you to come to terms with this new direction. This program is meant to accompany you along the way, not await you at the finish line.[/vc_toggle]

[vc_toggle title=”I am afraid that I won’t have the time to implement the dietary and lifestyle changes.” style=”round” size=”lg”]The current statistics in the US (issued by the American Cancer Society and National Centers for Health Statistics) predict a steady increase of new cancer diagnoses each year. On top of the list are Breast, Lung, Prostate, Colorectal, Melanoma and Urinary Bladder cancers. Cancer deaths are also steadily increasing each year. I don’t know about you, but as a two-times cancer survivor myself, looking after my health in every possible way I can, is my top priority. No one else but I myself am responsible for my health journey. The First Steps Program offers you a great START to begin taking care of yourself in easy, manageable 10 steps. That is the precise point of the program. Helping you make it happen without overwhelming you at first.[/vc_toggle]
[vc_toggle title=”If I wish to take it further, can I get more personalized support from you?” style=”round” size=”lg”]Absolutely! I offer a comprehensive mentoring program individualized to your needs where we address what you have learnt from this program and take it to a whole new level. Please contact me at and we can discuss the next steps.[/vc_toggle]
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About Kirstin Nussgruber

Kirstin is a graduate of the Munich-based “Zentrum für Naturheilkunde” as board-certified nutritional consultant, a professional member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, board-certified by the American Association of Nutrition Professionals, and certified Health Coach by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Kirstin offers individualized 1 on 1 mentoring, can be hired for inspirational speaking engagements and produces interactive virtual programs such as the First Steps to Cancer program. She is also the bestselling author of “Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror – My 5 Step Process to Transform Your Relationship with Cancer”, is a co-host for the #AllThingsCancer podcast, a monthly guest-blogger for The Anti-Cancer Club, and heads the Cancer Support Program at Valley Integrative Pharmacy in Bedminster, NJ. She has featured frequently in a variety of holistic Internet Radio Shows and online Podcasts and was a monthly contributing author for the online Sybil Magazine – For the Spirit and Soul of Woman.

P.S. Still trying to decide if the First Steps Program is right for you?

If you are currently spending hours on the Internet, in chat rooms, on google, in FB groups trying to make sense of the myriad of anti-cancer information out there, and are ending up more confused, unsure and overwhelmed than before about what it is you should be doing to give your body a fighting chance to conquer cancer and embrace life again, in conjunction with your standard treatments and what everyone else is saying you should be doing, you have come to the right place! The First Steps Program is a stepping stone to get you off on a solid start on your cancer and healing journey. It helps you focus on what is essential and gives you practical tips so you can get started right away. I cut through the trends and hype, debunk myths and give you evidence-based facts to help you support your body from within.

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