Just Diagnosed

Helping You Find Clarity

Just Diagnosed with Cancer – Helping You Find Clarity

Are you still numb with the shock of your recent cancer diagnosis?
Find yourself in denial or disbelief that this is really happening to you?
Feel like you are drowning in diagnostic tests and medical jargon?

I understand exactly what this stage feels like where you feel completely overwhelmed with everything you are suddenly confronted with, are put under time pressure to make decisions you are not ready for, and just really want to hide away and cry all day.


Emerging from this foggy reality as a true participant, not a sidelined observer

Having a clear action plan you helped set up and feel comfortable with despite your emotional upheaval

Feeling confident that you have access to the necessary support without having to experiment with various costly options to help you navigate your journey to true recovery

“Helping you find Clarity” will help you achieve this.

About the Program

The “Helping you find Clarity” program is for those just diagnosed with cancer and is caught up in the whirlwind stage of having to digest what has just happened, feeling a bit violated by all the prodding and poking from various diagnostic tests, but who is ready to reclaim some dignity and control over how their immediate future will unfold.

This is a 3 session mentoring program that will give you the space and perspective you need to evaluate all your options so you can feel empowered to make the right treatment decision that you feel most comfortable with.

I will help you understand what you really need to consider and plan for when confronted with the wide range of choices out there, and what they each imply physically, mentally and financially.

Together we’ll devise a plan that gives you insight into what you need to do right now that takes the 5 Steps to Consciously Conquer Cancer Now™ into consideration as they apply to this stage in your journey to full recovery. 


  • 3 personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions with me (via phone, skype or in-person if you are local to Central NJ, USA)
  • The 5 Steps to Consciously Conquer Cancer Now™ – an innovative holistic approach to addressing all aspects of cancer recovery
  • Educational Material, tools and resources to help you devise your own supportive healing plan
  • Access to subliminal CD “Healing Cancer” (delivered as mp3 download)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Access to the next stage in your cancer recovery programs at a reduced client rate
  • Personalized Protocol, Educational Material, tools and resources to help you devise your own supportive healing plan


    • You have a clear vision and confidently understand the choices available to you, both conventionally as well as holistically to complement any proposed treatments and tackle this uninvited guest called cancer head on with dignity and on your own terms
  • You will have access to resources and tools to help you plan this stage and be prepared
  • You are an integral part of the process, not a sidelined observer being tossed around by the “experts”

Anxious to Get Clear on What You Need to Focus on Now to Make the Best Decision for You?

  • Book a complimentary Assessment Session with me
  • On the call (phone or Skype) we’ll talk about where you are in your cancer journey,
    learn a little bit more about each other and decide whether we are a good fit to work together
  • If we decide to go ahead we will talk about which program best fits your needs and discuss the next steps involved

FREE Chapter & Video
from my book, Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror

FREE Chapter & Video
from my book, Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror

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