5 Steps to Consciously Conquer Cancer Now

Functional Nutrition

Reducing Toxicity

Get Moving

Conscious Living

Emotional Healing

Fresh from the farm

The focus is to nourish you first with real, whole foods and target supplement as a secondary approach for any nutrient deficiencies you may have. I will help you source & select nutrient dense ingredients and guide you to prepare delicious family meals. I do not isolate any specific diet as the magic anti-cancer one, nor do I deprive you of foods you enjoy. The emphasis is on educating you to make the choices that best fit your body chemistry, metabolism and your budget.

Water splashing

Modern living presents itself with numerous challenges that relentlessly expose our bodies to chemical toxins every single day. I will guide you to reduce your and your family’s exposure in your immediate environment as well as focus on supporting your body’s own ability to optimally detox in a gentle and non-invasive way.

Bicycle Riding

Any form of exercise helps tone your muscles, pumps oxygen through your body, helps your lymphatic system remove waste and floods your brain with happiness-inducing hormones. You look better, have more energy, are rejuvenated and feel in charge. We will find a way that suits you and enables you to incorporate this longevity-enhancing activity into your daily life.

Zen Garden

Our mind is our most powerful tool when it comes to breaking old self-sabotaging habits, teaching our bodies new routines, motivating ourselves to stay on track and teaching ourselves to cope with the demands and stress of normal modern living. This is not a nice-to-have, it is an essential tool in succeeding with the first three principles and living a consciously anti-cancer way of life.

Sunrise on a beach

Underlying any chronic disease is the emotional body screaming for your attention. Addressing this is the most uncomfortable task as it demands you be fully honest with yourself. It is a vital component of the root cause of your illness and together with the other four principles provides a well rounded holistic approach to an anti-cancer way of life. I will guide and support you to help identify underlying issues so you can begin your journey of discovery.

Personalized Mentoring

Are you ready to break the spell cancer has on you and start living again? I am personally committed to accompanying you on your journey to achieving a healthier balance in your life.

Where are you in your cancer journey?

Just Diagnosed

  • You have just been diagnosed with cancer and are still in shock and possibly denial
  • You are overwhelmed with diagnostic tests, statistics and treatment options
  • You need to gain perspective to make sense of it all and find what is right for you
  • You want to complement your medical treatments with holistic support to improve your outcome
  • You want to feel grounded again and confident in the options you choose

Do you need support to HELP TO FIND CLARITY at this stage of your cancer journey?

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During Treatment

  • You are receiving treatments and need all the support you can get physically, mentally and emotionally
  • You are struggling with side effects making it tough to remain optimistic
  • You are worried the treatments will not be effective and your ordeal was in vain
  • You want to know what else you can do holistically that won’t interfere with your treatments but will improve your outcome
  • You want reassurance that you will emerge strong and resilient again and get your zest for life back

Do you need support to HELP YOU COPE with this stage in your cancer journey?

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Beyond Cancer

  • You have just completed treatments and been dismissed by your medical team without any guidance what to do next
  • Lingering side effects leave you feeling defeated and depressed
  • Your emotions are in turmoil as you stand at the threshold of your new life beyond cancer
  • You are trying to figure out how to embrace your new normal and find yourself again
  • You want to make the right choices to avoid recurrence and calm your fears

Do you need support to EMBRACE YOUR NEW NORMAL after treatments?

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Proactive Prevention

  • You have been in remission for a few years and may have slipped back into a few habits you know are not part of an anti-cancer way of living
  • You may not have cancer, but there is a family history and you do not wish to become the next statistic
  • The fear of cancer is real and you cannot escape the shadow it has cast wondering what you can do to find peace of mind again

Do you want to PROACTIVELY embark on a HEALTH-EMBRACING way of life?

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Caregiver Support

  • You are supporting someone close to you on their journey through cancer
  • You want to help but are sometimes at a loss as to what would be the best support
  • You carry the load of managing the environment around the patient, which at times is overwhelming, leaving you feeling a little guilty
  • You would like to join a caregiver support group but feel ashamed at feeling this way

Do you want to find out how you can optimally support someone close to you going through their cancer journey?

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Find Out How We Can Work Together

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    learn a little bit more about each other and decide whether we are a good fit to work together
  • If we decide to go ahead we will talk about which program best fits your needs and discuss the
    next steps involved
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