I have worked side by side with Kirstin in a clinical setting and as a presenter for holistic health information at various panel discussions. I enjoy listening to her talks and workshops as a fellow clinician because she brings clarity to the “murkiness” of technical clinical health information. By that, I mean she is clever at deciphering clinical studies and then making that same information understandable and applicable to her audience and clients. I like that she often shares bullet points and gems of information that is helpful and useful to the layperson. She has tenacity for keeping updated with the latest cutting edge health and nutritional information. As a presenter, she shares all sides of a health issue or product and gives her audience the value of her vast knowledge with the strong foundation of clinical studies.

Cheryl KarcherCertified Clinical HerbalistFounder, Hilltop Herbals, LLC

Since 2014 Kirstin has presented to the public on many occasions at our integrative pharmacy. Her sessions are always very well organized, concise, and replete with take-away information and pearls which are indeed valuable to her audience. Her presentation style is warm yet structured and also well understood by her audience. She excels in the interactive portion of these sessions, communicating both formally (lecture style) and informally (question & answer). Her seminars are very well attended and enthusiastically received. We are indeed very fortunate to include Kirstin as one of our outstanding professional staff.

James CammarataRPhValley Integrative Pharmacy

I had the pleasure of connecting with Kirstin through my progression of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. I appreciate her holistic approach to healing. With her help, I learned to understand mind-body balance and how best I can heal using holistic modules. This included nutrition and lifestyle changes. She showed me how to read labels and change eating habits for the better.

To date, I have incorporated many things I have learnt from her and am on my way to healing. She is accessible, knowledgeable, supportive, very professional and yet compassionate. I highly recommend you contact her if you are ready to make a real change for the better. Very happy to have worked with her and she will always be part of my holistic journey 🙂


The best part about Kirstin is the positive energy she sends your way. Her advice was completely individualized to my particular situation. Although still receiving maintenance chemo, I feel great and have regained some control over my life.


After receiving my cancer diagnosis, I was not only in shock and denial, but also quickly overwhelmed by the myriad of information, statistics, treatment options and experts.  Being thrown into a situation such as this without warning is both daunting and imparts the distinct sense of loss of control over ones life.    

This is where Kirstin made the key difference for me. Being both a cancer survivor as well as a passionate cancer coach and nutritionist, she made my engagement with her especially rich and rewarding.  In our conversations she was highly empathetic, but also did not shy away from delivering the tough messages one needs to hear. This, in combination with her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge and experience, created empowering perspectives for me that helped me regain control.  She was cautious to educate, help and nudge, but not to dogmatically drive me down a particular path.  This remained my decision at all times, and for this I thank her.


When my wife Maribel was diagnosed with cancer it was a shock for us all, but while all the experts are focusing on the patient, there is absolutely no support and guidance for the caregiver.  How should you behave, what should you do, and most importantly how do you remain healthy and positive, while the complete focus is on the patient.

It is here where Kirstin was of great help, as she recognizes that dealing with a cancer situation is a team effort between the patient and her caregiver and loved ones.  She was able to provide a range of tips, thoughts and perspectives that allowed me to not only empathize but provide better support, while also keeping the family running as normally as possible and not neglecting my work.  Having a “sparring partner” for the caregiver is rare and was very helpful.  For this I thank Kirstin. 


Changing what I eat has been one way that I’ve taken back control in my campaign to live until I’m 100 years old! I notice the benefits of my new diet in my energy levels, weight and figure. I embrace every day and literally live like I’ve never lived before.


I began the Beyond Cancer program shortly after my diagnosis when I was terrified and felt powerless.  The program in conjunction with conventional treatment made me feel as if I was back in control.  I do feel better and believe that the dietary changes (I am about 85% compliant) have been helpful and I understand much more about cancer than I did before.  My condition has not improved but I have more energy and am somewhat more optimistic.

Kirstin is an engaging speaker and teacher; she has a wealth of knowledge and shares it fully.  The handouts are very helpful.  Her willingness to share some of her personal journey makes the classes more relevant and meaningful.  I would not hesitate to recommend this series!


Kirstin has presented many different workshops over the last few years for our Yoga For Cancer Care retreats.  We have invited her back year after year. She presents relevant and interesting topics in a clear and concise way, never losing the attention of her audience. I have yet to come across anyone in the nutritional field that has an understanding of the importance of diet as it relates to cancer care or prevention of cancer. Kristin has a way of sharing aspects of her own story that prove to be truly motivational and inspirational. Whether working with her privately or in a group setting, you always feel as though you have 100% of her attention.

KellyDirector of Yoga for Cancer Care

Kirstin’s incredible knowledge, training and first-hand experience on the benefits of holistic nutrition has empowered me to stay on my own restorative path. I have greatly appreciated her down-to-earth yet professional personality that has always made me feel relaxed and comfortable during our discussions. Thank you!


I signed up for the “Nourish To Thrive Program” with Kirstin because she inspires me to eat (and live) healthy and mindfully. It was very pleasant to try new recipes and flavors and it was surprisingly easy to follow the suggested meal plans. I felt energized and proud of myself to have completed the program. The millet cabbage salad with hemp seeds has become a favorite dish for the whole family!


As a pharmacist and busy mom of a 9 and 4.5 year old, I find a lot of my meals are “grab and go” or fast and not always the healthiest choices. Kirstin’s program showed me that with some planning and double duty ingredients healthy meals can be incorporated into any life style.

The program was easy to carry out and practical. The recipes are easy to follow, versatile, and very tasty. My family full of picky eaters gobbled up several and wanted more.

Kirstin is the perfect guide for this journey to health. She is there for you every step of the way. She not only guides you as to what to eat but also explains the health benefits of the ingredients chosen. Kirstin was available the entire time to answer any and every question I had. Believe me, as an inexperienced cook and a novice to this way of eating I had plenty. She also gave encouragement along the way which was great motivation to keep going.

I strongly believe Kirstin’s program is a great first step on the path to health and wellness.


I wanted to take another moment to thank you for all of your support and expertise that you shared with me (us) during the Nourish to Thrive week!  You made it SO EASY!!!  I am a fan of food that I can chew… I don’t want to live on smoothies… or lettuce, for that matter. I know they are healthy and I do include them regularly, but I have to say I was THRILLED with the other foods you introduced and the fact that “dessert” was on the menu!

The way you laid out the shopping list, prep and recipes was perfect. Even the fact that they were formatted so all I had to do was print and go – was perfect! Each recipe on its own page was such a treat. The best part was the ability to make great meals, with real food – it was simple and delicious.  I also really appreciate the way you gave recipes with options, but then said what you did! This gave me the freedom to get creative or stick to what I would know would be delicious!

I also adore that you are so open, humble and willing to answer the most simple questions. I’ve never worked with anyone so easy and pleasant and knowledgeable. I can’t thank you enough!


I was extremely pleased with the knowledge, ability, and service provided by Kirstin. My experience with her has been such a blessing! From day one, I felt a friendship and trust with her. Through the years, she has provided me with many solutions for a healthier life-style. She spent time much listening to & understanding what my needs were.  Kirstin delivers excellent service with the highest level of integrity, honesty and professionalism! She is successful at her work because she cares about her clients. I would HIGHLY recommend Kirstin to anyone looking for professional services at its BEST!


It was wonderful listening to you last night at the “Guiltless Dessert to brighten your Thanksgiving Buffet” talk! My joy index rose high! Hope to attend your next inspirational talk again. Thanks for your good work towards health and wellness.


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