Get Your “Smart Food Shopping Tips*

It's more than just a food shopping tips. It is a Smart Shopping Tips. It's an education tool – a gift from me to you. This Smart Food Shopping Tips is going to up level your knowledge and your ability to embrace healthy, easy and affordable cooking. 

*Bonus: a printable Shopping List for you to use over and over again!

About me!

When faced with the biggest challenge of my life – being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer twice within a short three year period, I was forced to completely reevaluate what I believed was already a healthy lifestyle.  

I realized that treating my body with conventional medicine alone was inadequate. Standard cancer treatments concentrate exclusively on cancer cells in isolation from the rest of the body.  

I needed to focus on my whole being, and that meant addressing not just specific parts of the body, but acknowledging the dynamic inter-dependency of every single cell that make up my body….